Gojiberry generation processing model



Examples of OEM mode:

You sell cakes yourself, and the cakes you sell are produced by yourself, and registered a patent brand name. When you just sell cakes, because you are new in this business, so even if your cake is delicious, but your cake reputation is not big enough, so the sales volume is not good, so depending on the production capacity of your shop, you can make as many as you can sell. However, because your cake is really delicious, it gradually becomes more and more famous in the industry, and more and more people buy your cake, so the sales volume increases rapidly. As the production capacity of your store is fixed only so large for the time being, it is impossible to complete a large number of production tasks suddenly increased, so what should you do? At this time, you can ask a group of cake makers to help you do it, then you need to explain to them what kind of requirements you will have for these cakes, and ask them to help you do it according to your requirements. Finally, they have to label their own brand, and then pay them a certain amount of money.


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