How is wolfberry pulp produced?


100% wolfberry pulp using non-concentrated reduction process, it is not a simple direct pulp so simple, high quality wolfberry pulp in the hands of users have to experience at least ten more processes!

ningxia goji

goji berries

First of all, pick under the fresh wolfberry in the experience of artificial secondary screening (sieve bad quality fruit, small fruit, withered fruit, etc.), will enter the automatic production line of large factories, on the production line a lovely wolfberry will experience social abuse, first by ultrafiltration sterile water 360° body no dead Angle rinse and drain, Wash immediately after entering the fully closed sterile production workshop, suffering the cruel torture of beating equipment - in the low temperature environment equipment will be wolfberry fruit low temperature broken, and then beater merciless mixed whipping, usually this time wolfberry will bear the pain Shouting: God what is this suffering, social beatings not enough to two, I dry! (Beater equipment has two kinds of single and double beater, why to use double beater, it is because the broken berries use double beater, the pulp taste will be more delicate and homogeneous).

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