Freeze-dried Goji Berry

  • Goji Berry Extract

    Goji Berry Extract

    Modern medical research has proved that each 100g of goji berry oil contains 61.5g of linoleic acid, 3.1g of a-linolenic acid, 3.0g of y-linolenic acid, 452mg of vitamin E, and 0.44mg of selenium. And contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements, bioactive substances, epidermal growth factor, SOD, β-carotene and so on.

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  • Freeze Dried Goji Berry

    Freeze Dried Goji Berry

    Zaokang freeze-dried fresh gojiberry adopts aerospace FD fresh lock technology. The cleaned fresh gojiberry fruit is quickly frozen at minus 40°C. In a vacuum environment, the moisture in the fruit is directly sublimated in a solid state, which completely retains the effective material structure of the fresh gojiberry fruit and locks in the nutritional components.Freeze-dried fresh gojiberry maintains the natural activity, color and fragrance of fresh gojiberry fruit, without any additives during the production process. Freeze-dried fresh gojiberry is an upgraded product of dried gojiberry.
    1.Carefully select fresh fruit materials from Zaokang Zhongning's own organic planting base.
    2.Good appearance.
    3. Independent small package , easy to carry and eat.
    4. Soft taste, fashionable snacks for office.

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