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    Boxed Seabuckthorn Wolfberry Juice

    It can be drink directly or used as raw materials for beverage! More easy absorbed by old people.Pure natural green food, no additives. 1.It can be used as the raw material of health care products. 2.It can be used as a raw material in the field of beverage. 3.Goji cake. Pouring our goji berry juice into the flour, stir well, knead into a dough,put it in the oven,then you can make a unique flavor goji berry cake. It tastes sweet and good enough.The cake was permeated with the fragrance of goji berries. 4.Salad ingredients. When you are making the salad, you can add a layer of goji berry juice on top. Compared with dried fruits, fresh fruits have the advantages of being clean, hygienic and free of sulfur fumigation. We use fresh Goji Berry fruits from our own organic base as raw materials.The process from fresh fruit picking to crushing is completed within 6 hours, maximizing the retention of the nutrients in the fresh Gojiberry?fruit.

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