• Black Sesame White Sesame
  • Black Sesame White Sesame
  • Black Sesame White Sesame
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Black Sesame White Sesame
  • China
  • According to Customer Requirements
  • 3000 Tons Per Year

White sesame seeds are the seeds of the plant Limp of the genus Flax in the family Flaxaceae. White sesame seeds have excellent qualities such as high oil content, white color, full grain, thin seed coat, good taste, and mellow aftertaste. White sesame seeds and their products are rich in nutrients and anti-aging properties.

Black sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, but also contains sugars, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium and other nutrients. It has the effect of strengthening the stomach, protecting the liver, promoting the growth of red blood cells, and black hair, beauty and other effects.

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