• Freeze Dried Goji Berry
  • Freeze Dried Goji Berry
  • Freeze Dried Goji Berry
  • Freeze Dried Goji Berry
  • Freeze Dried Goji Berry
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Freeze Dried Goji Berry
  • China
  • According to Customer Requirements
  • 3000 Tons Per Year

Zaokang freeze-dried fresh gojiberry adopts aerospace FD fresh lock technology. The cleaned fresh gojiberry fruit is quickly frozen at minus 40°C. In a vacuum environment, the moisture in the fruit is directly sublimated in a solid state, which completely retains the effective material structure of the fresh gojiberry fruit and locks in the nutritional components.Freeze-dried fresh gojiberry maintains the natural activity, color and fragrance of fresh gojiberry fruit, without any additives during the production process. Freeze-dried fresh gojiberry is an upgraded product of dried gojiberry.
1.Carefully select fresh fruit materials from Zaokang Zhongning's own organic planting base.
2.Good appearance.
3. Independent small package , easy to carry and eat.
4. Soft taste, fashionable snacks for office.

Freeze-dried goji berries are a new type of production process that is different from ordinary drying goji berries. Freeze-dried goji berries are washed and directly low temperature frozen processing made, because only take out the water in the pulp without destroying other nutrients, freeze-dried goji berries not only maximize the retention of various nutrients in the fresh goji berries, but also solve the problem of mixing with sediment, insect eggs and other impurities in the drying process, the most important thing is to avoid the food poisoning problem caused by excessive chemicals such as alkali water, sodium sulfite and sulfur added to the drying goji berries, which is a safe, additive-free green food.

freeze dried goji berry

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