The main use of shiitake mushroom extract


Lentinan powder (lentinan extract) is mainly used as a raw material for medicine and health food. Capsule products can be directly filled into capsules, and oral liquid products can be directly dissolved in distilled water. Lentinan in mushrooms is an anti-tumor component with a molecular weight of 1 million. In addition, it also contains ingredients for lowering blood lipids ----- shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms adenine and adenine derivatives, shiitake mushrooms also contain antiviral ingredients ----- interferon inducers -- double-strand Ribonucleic acid is one of the rare health foods. Mushrooms contain very high unsaturated fatty acids, and also contain a large amount of ergosterol and mycosterol that can be converted into vitamin D, which has good effects on strengthening disease resistance, preventing colds and treating them. Regular consumption is beneficial to the prevention of rickets caused by blood phosphorus and blood calcium metabolism disorders caused by the lack of vitamin D in the human body, especially in infants, and can prevent various mucous membrane and skin inflammations in the human body. Lentysin contained in shiitake mushrooms can prevent arteriosclerosis and lower blood pressure, and ingredients for lowering serum cholesterol (C8H1104N5, C9H1103N5) are also isolated from shiitake mushrooms.

Lentinan is an effective active ingredient extracted from the fruiting bodies of selected Lentinus edodes. It has a fragrant smell, rich nutrition and remarkable efficacy. It can be used as an additive raw material for various health care products, food and condiments.

shiitake mushroom

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