The advantage of organic Chinese wolfberry and its edible method


Advantages of organic medlar

Better health care

Organic goji berries have better health benefits because they are not contaminated with chemicals. Organic Lycium barbarum has many effects, such as tonifying kidney, nourishing blood, improving eyesight, anti-aging, etc. . It can help people keep healthy.

Higher security

Organic Wolfberries are safer because they are not contaminated with chemicals. Organic Medlar contains no harmful substances, more beneficial to human health.

Be more environmentally conscious

The production process of organic Lycium barbarum follows the natural ecological cycle, will not cause pollution to the ecological environment. The production of organic Lycium barbarum is helpful to protect ecological environment and promote sustainable development

organic gojiberry

Four, organic Chinese Wolfberry edible method

Organic Chinese wolfberry eating method and traditional Chinese wolfberry the same, you can eat raw, boiled tea, stew and other ways to eat. Raw organic medlar can be eaten directly, can also be added to drinks, cakes and so on. Boiling tea can be put into the cup of organic medlar, add hot water to brew, can increase the nutritional value of tea. Stew can be organic medlar stew with other ingredients, can increase the taste of soup and nutritional value.

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